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RSC_Energy & Environmental Science

13 Aug 2023

Energy & Environmental Science _ Front Cover

01 August 2023, Issue 8,

Page 3169 to 3624

Dynamic surface phases controlling asymmetry of 

high-rate lithiation and delithiation in phase-separating electrodes

Bonho Koo, Jinkyu Chung, Juwon Kim, Dimitrios Fraggedakis, Sungjae Seo, Chihyun Nam, 

Danwon Lee, Jeongwoo Han, Sugeun Jo, Hongbo Zhao, Neel Nadkarni, Jian Wang, Namdong Kim,

 Markus Weigand, Martin Z. Bazant and Jongwoo Lim!issueid=ee016008&type=current&issnprint=1754-5692

Image created by Younghee Lee / CUBE3D Graphic.