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ELSEVIER_Nano Energy

19 Sep 2021

Nano Energy _ Cover Picture

Volume 88

October 2021

Article 106228

Triboelectrification-driven microbial inactivation in a conductive cellulose filter for affordable, portable, and efficient water sterilization

Sumin Cho, Zahid Hanif, Yeongcheol Yun, Zeeshan Ahmad Khan, Sumin Jang, Yoonsang Ra, 

Zonghong Lin, Moonwoo La, Sung Jea Park, Dongwhi Choi 

Received 28 March 2021, Revised 26 May 2021, Accepted 4 June 2021, Available online 9 June 2021.

Image created by Younghee Lee / CUBE3D Graphic.