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25 Feb 2021

NATURE _ Cover picture

Volume 590 Issue 7847, 25 February 2021

Solar flair

Thanks to their potential high efficiency, solar cells based on metal halide perovskites are strong candidates to replace today’s silicon-based cells, but the light-harvesting ability of perovskites remains limited owing to excessive charge-carrier recombination. In this week’s issue, Jangwon Seo and his colleagues report a holistic approach to making perovskite solar cells that improves the management of charge carriers. The researchers have developed a deposition technique that creates high-quality tin oxide electron-transport layers, which they couple with a strategy to precisely control the combination of two perovskite materials in order to improve the opto-electronic properties without sacrificing the bandgap of the active layer in the solar cell. The resulting solar cells have a power-conversion efficiency of 25.2%, which is close to the capabilities of silicon cells, demonstrating that the performance gap between the two technologies is rapidly narrowing.

Image created by Younghee Lee / CUBE3D Graphic.