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ACS_Applied Materials & Interfaces

28 Jan 2022

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces_Cover Picture

January 26, 2022

Volume 14, Issue 3

Pages 3613-4810

Harnessing Intramolecular Chalcogen–Chalcogen Bonding in Merocyanines for 

Utilization in High-Efficiency Photon-to-Current Conversion Optoelectronics

Hyeong-Ju Kim, In-Sun Jung, Seyoung Jung, Dongmin Kim, Daiki Minami, Sunjung Byun, 

Taejin Choi, Jisoo Shin, Sungyoung Yun, Chul-Joon Heo, Kyung-Bae Park, Soo Young Park, 

Seon-Jeong Lim*, Hyo Sug Lee, and Byoungki Choi

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