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Wiley_Analysis & Sensing

13 Jan 2022

Analysis & Sensing _ Front Cover

Volume 2, Issue 1

January 2022

Copper-Catalyzed Covalent Dimerization of Near-Infrared Fluorescent Cyanine Dyes: 

Synergistic Enhancement of Photoacoustic Signals for Molecular Imaging of Tumors 

(Anal. Sens. 1/2022)

Dr. Dolonchampa Maji, Donghyeon Oh, Dr. Krishna Sharmah Gautam, Dr. Mingzhou Zhou,

 Haini Zhang, Dr. Jeff Kao, Daryl Giblin, Matthew Smith, Junha Lim, Dr. Seunghyun Lee, 

Dr. Youngnam Kang, Prof. Won Jong Kim, Prof. Chulhong Kim, Prof. Samuel Achilefu

e202100063 First Published:23 December 2021

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