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Wiley_European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

8 Jan 2022

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry _ Cover Picture

Volume 2022, Issue 1

January 11, 2022

Cover Feature: Tetrazole-Based Energetic Metal-Organic Frameworks: Impacts of

 Metals and Ligands on Explosive Properties 

(Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 1/2022)

Sujee Cho, Yeongjin Kim, Soochan Lee, Hyeonsoo Cho, Jonghoon Park, Doo Hwan Hong, 

Dr. Kuktae Kwon, Dr. Hae-Wook Yoo, Prof. Wonyoung Choe, Prof. Hoi Ri Moon

e202101045 First Published:15 December 2021

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