Process Info

1. Order  

We need a your idea sketch file. ( click : Idea Sketch Example )

Send the data by e-mail to the address that appears at the bottom of our homepage. 

Or you can leave a message using CONTACT.   

If you have any questions, please see the  FAQ section.        

2. Planning

Steps to discuss which pictures to draw. Your data will play the most important role.

3. Production

All objects are designed in 3D graphics. Our magic begins to surprise you.

4. Delivery

The finished cover picture will be sent by e-mail. 

The process completes after reviewing the cover design.

5. Payment

Payment via credit card. (Public, Personal)

please see the "FAQ" section.

Work Process

Good or Bad

From our work experience, 

for the cover paper graphic design and artistic quality is much more important than how accurately represent of the contents.
So, send a sketch to get the figurative, abstract and artistic image than a one-dimensional concept directly represented.
Please do not include arrow, pop-up figure, dotted lines, and step-by-step process depictions

Good Design Example

 Simple, but great scenes.

Bad Design Example

Complicated and Distracting.

Original size preview_Sample Image

We output a high resolution image of 350 dpi by default.